Strategic Logistic Outsourcing Upstream/Downstream SC Comparison

ISBN 9783330840287
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For three years I have studied a number of Multi-Criteria Decision-Making (MCDM) approaches and their applications in supply chain management to find the best techniques to help decision makers in their supply chain-based decision making process. I also conducted research into developing economies in a try to provide an applied knowledge helps these economies in their developing journey. A number of case studies have been conducted, analysed and compared to provide the first upstream downstream supply chain comparison. This book aims to explore the validity of developing new hybrid models for evaluating and selecting Logistics Service Providers (LSPs). The growing demand for logistics outsourcing and the increase in the number and type of LSPs highlight the increasing importance of the LSP evaluation and selection process. Firms use various approaches to evaluate and select their LSP partners. Most of these approaches seem to have overlooked the strategic side of the logistics outsourcing process.